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When someone starts a journey with God, one of the biggest prayers is, “Here I am, God, use me for Your kingdom.” That prayer has a really deep meaning; sometimes God is asking you do things that you think you

Cassandra and Edison Lee, the co-founders of Justice Rising, are sharing the love of Jesus with soldiers and warlords in the Congo, one of the most war-torn nations on earth.

What does a conservative, attention-shy teenager have in common with a headstrong leader of a multi-site church? Mark Varughese, founder of Kingdomcity shares how pursuing a risky lifestyle is just a God-adventure to a son.

"I remember that the day the Lord spoke to me about it, I was snorkelling and I was so shocked that I sucked water into my snorkel and my mouth."

"Old age does not neutralise the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Statisticians cannot cancel God’s call."