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"Limited resources are a key ingredient for innovation. In many ways, it’s a requirement. When you have resources, you can buy solutions to your problems. When you don’t have resources, it propels you towards new ideas and approaches. I would embrace

The message of Christmas is Immanuel, God with us. Jesus did not wait for man to be good enough or smart enough or worthy enough to reach Him, but through the Incarnation He reached down to be with us. The

Being able to identify what was going on in Daniel's heart actually helped in that connection. Daniel felt understood. He realized Daddy gets him and that he cares. It's not based on the old ‘fear of punishment’, and it's not just

"The first question He asked me was, “If money was not an issue, what will you choose to do?” This question was important, because for the longest time I was thinking, “If we go away, we’ll have no income. What are

If you look at it statistically, everyone that comes into your church is broken, no matter what their degrees, their money, or their titles - they're all broken people. So that’s why healing is such a passion of mine.  David wrote

On my flight back to California, where we lived at the time, I said, “God, I'm serious about what I said in the streets of Manila, I'll do anything for you.” And to my surprise, I heard God speak to me