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If you look at it statistically, everyone that comes into your church is broken, no matter what their degrees, their money, or their titles - they're all broken people. So that’s why healing is such a passion of mine.  David wrote

On my flight back to California, where we lived at the time, I said, “God, I'm serious about what I said in the streets of Manila, I'll do anything for you.” And to my surprise, I heard God speak to me

"My journey of recovery came when I was at this point of wanting to give up. Right after that experience at Orchard, that same night, I was going to just throw in the towel and not show up in church

"What God’s looking for from us is more than just the things we do. He is looking for a heart that is engulfed in flames of love for Him. We can make all the impact in the world – healing

"I think that one of the most important things the church can do is to be educated about the issue. Education basically involves two questions. First, “What does Scripture say about abortion?” And second, “What are the facts about the

"I hope that there will be more people who celebrate children as a blessing rather than a burden. That’s something which I’m working towards in whatever I do - celebrating children. I don’t think it’s fully achievable in 5 years,