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I believe we ought to fill our hearts with faith, hope, and love, the three virtues that will abide forever. Then, out of the abundance of our hearts, we will speak these same virtues to the world. This is a

Well, when the economy crashed in 2008, the fire marshal threatened to shut down Hyde Park United Methodist because so many people were now coming on Monday mornings. They were no longer getting 30 to 40 people per week -

That concept of clergy and laity is not Biblical. It did not arise out of Jewish tradition; it rose out of Greek philosophy, especially Plato. This creates a dualism that separates the sacred and the secular. So “Pastor Pete” has

We have to debunk the unbiblical, conventional wisdom that says that unless you are a pastor” or “full-time missionary” (I hate that term, by the way) you aren’t doing ministry. Jesus called every single one of us to be a

"There’s a divine perspective, a God-reliance we can learn in these times. There’s an eternity on the side of this pain – an eternity of peace, love, and joy. Everything else is temporary. I just don’t personalize my disappointment. It’s not

"God is a big God. We need to dream big dreams. He gives us the ability to create massive organizations. If your dream doesn’t scare you, it isn’t a God dream. I want to see a generation of entrepreneurs rise up,