Seeking God’s Will Through Prophecy

Gary Morgan, Founder of School of Prophets shares with us how he helps people find the clarity they seek.

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Founder of School of Prophets in Australia, Gary Morgan, aims to raise up prophetic voices sensitive to the heart of God. He believes in the unique potential of each person and values the role that the prophetic plays in confirming our specific destinies.

But as Gary also identifies, sometimes people have trouble identifying what he calls their unique ‘destiny-print,’ a play on the concept of our individual fingerprints. In this Q&A, we learn how this leader of a prophetic school helps people find the clarity they so desperately seek.

What do we do during times when our purpose seems unclear?

One thing that has become a valuable key for my wife Sarah and I in our journey is keeping our prophetic words before us, like a ‘GPS: God Positioning System’. God’s word, both written and spoken, become tools of clarity when we feel lost.

Some doors you ask for, some you seek, and others you have to knock and let someone else open it for you. We would ask, seek and knock by presenting God’s word to us alongside people who had traversed similar paths before.

So is letting someone else ‘open doors’ for us akin to the work of prophecy? How does this help us in our search?

Prophecy calls out people’s ‘destiny prints,’ and presents the God perspective which is vital in gaining insight into our callings. Many of us either develop our own narratives or live under the perspectives of others. But what God says about you is the difference between living as a victim of circumstances or in circumstances of victory.

King David is a prime example. The fact that he gained God’s perspective early on, helped him navigate the low expectations of his father, the disbelief of his brothers, and the intimidation of his enemies.

The challenge for us is to live on purpose for purpose: to keep the passion alive and translating life’s pressure into something that works for you, not against you.  – Gary Morgan

When you are unable to see God’s perspective, He uses others to remind you what that is. And that was my experience. A spiritual father named Ray Hughes gave me a prophetic word that spoke straight into my heart. It was from there that I began a journey of unbelievable adventure with God.

Not only did I discover my destiny doors, the prophetic words I shared have helped others discover theirs. That is the ultimate honour and the humblest of privileges.

Can you share one way that demonstrates how the prophetic word ministers to people?  

The times that have impacted me the most are the moments where God showed up in the most incredible ways and demonstrated His kindness and heart towards people.

I remember the first time I had an encounter with God’s heart for someone whose young son died in surgery. The Lord showed me the date his son was born and the date he passed; how he loved to play his guitar, and then to bring complete confirmation of the word – the boy’s name. In one moment, the Comforter flooded people’s hearts, and turned mourning into joy.

How about an example of the word of the Lord actively directing your life?

A personal one was when God said He would speak to me on my birthday in 2005. I thought the encounter was about my ministry and the direction He was taking me. Little did I know, the encounter would literally change my life. I woke up that morning, and decided to fast and pray as I waited. Around sunset, I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

When I opened the door, the only way I can describe it is that as I stepped into the light, light stepped into me. I saw myself on top of a mountain speaking words from the book of Ruth: “Your people will be my people, your God my God… let nothing but death separate us.”

Then I saw a case of rings at a jewellery store, and a ring on the fifth row from the top, and third in from the right was highlighted to me. The next thing I remember was waking up the next morning.

I instantly knew God wanted me to fly to New Zealand and propose to Sarah, my now wife, whom I had met six months prior. I called her friend who was working in a jewellery store with Sarah at the time. I described the ring that was on the fifth row from the top and third in from the right. She asked how I knew. Suffice to say, Sarah and I got engaged a month later and have enjoyed 12 amazing years of marriage.

Tell us your dream for the next generation of Kingdom leaders?

That they would be a generation that learns to love well, build well, and bless well. That everything they do would make Jesus famous and His Kingdom established. That their vision, exploits and purpose would be for the creation of ‘anything-is-possible’ environments for the generation after them. I pray that true discipleship would happen because of a radical encounter with the heart of God, and not just converts made out of a religious experience.

The truth I aspire to leave with the next generation is that true greatness is when you start something that does not stop with you.

This article has been adapted from Champions 2018.