Gary Morgan: Shining Light on the Prophetic

Gary Morgan, founder and director of School of Prophets in Melbourne, Australia, champions people’s dreams and destinies in the Lord.

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For the past 18 years, Gary Morgan and his wife Sarah have been a breath of fresh air as they communicate the heart of God straight into the hearts of people. Their love for His Presence is clear in the way they release prophetic insight, and they have shared speaking platforms with other well-known ministry leaders, including Bill Johnson, Shawn Bolz, and Graham Cooke.

What makes Gary effective as an inspirational speaker in the realm of prophetic revelation? Is it simply an unusual gift in communication? Or their years of experience and encounters into the heart of God are what result in a fresh revelation every time they speak.

Perhaps one core belief that fuels Gary’s passion for bringing people higher, and which clearly resonates with his audience, is his conviction that everyone is invited to partner with God – to be a co-driver in relation to their destiny with God and not just a backseat passenger.

So how does a person know if he is walking in line with the purposes of God for his life, and not merely going with the flow?

Righteousness, Peace, and Joy are Clues to the Kingdom of God

One tell-tale sign that Gary shares comes straight out of the Book of Romans: “The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy (Romans 14:17).” This verse gives us a clue as to what the Kingdom of God looks like in the practical sense, and it can help us determine whether something is amiss.

“Prophecy calls out people’s ‘destiny prints’ and gives them clues to what God wants to do through them – the ‘how, who, where and why’ of their destiny.” – Gary Morgan

Gary believes that a sure sign of walking in the purposes of God is knowing you are in right standing with God. This means that doing something that clearly opposes the heart of God is not walking in His kingdom.

Next, he makes his decisions from a place of peace. This is something that may not be easily explainable, but as we cultivate our relationship with God, we become more sensitive to the presence and absence of His peace. Gary also believes in walking in peace throughout the process as a good sign that he is on the right track.

And last but not the least, he believes fulfilling God’s purpose in our lives brings us joy and helps us give others joy. Indeed, the Lord gives us desires in our hearts that are specific to what He wants us to fulfill, and when we walk in those assignments, we are filled with joy beyond human comprehension. On the other hand, the absence of joy, for Gary, is a warning bell that helps him to reevaluate what he is doing.

Does that mean that every person’s purpose in God is one and the same, then?

Gary Morgan prophesying with wife Sarah, October 2017

God Has A Unique Destiny for Us

Gary believes that each person has a unique ‘destiny print,’ sort of like a unique fingerprint, that is placed on them by God. Just as technology nowadays has discovered the uniqueness of our fingerprints, utilising them for giving us inimitable access to, for example, locked doors or phones, this unique destiny print also gives a person access to certain places, assignments, and people.

The good news is, the Lord gave us the gift of prophecy: prophecy helps call out people’s unique destiny prints, and provides clues into what the Lord designed them to be and do. In some cases, prophecy can help unlock the details of one’s destiny, such as the why behind it, where to walk it out, with whom to partner, or how to go about fulfilling it.

Another advantage that prophecy offers, is that it shows the person a bird’s eye view – a big-picture perspective of a situation. In other words, it shows us the way God sees a situation. From our nearsighted view, we tend to live under the lies that have accumulated in our baggage, or we live under the untruths that others speak over our lives.

Prophecy Calls Forth Beauty

God works in a similar way today. When we are struggling to remember what the Lord says about our life, He can use other people to remind us.

But how do we sift through the words that people share to know which are from the Lord and which aren’t?

“True greatness is when you start something that does not stop with you.” – Gary Morgan

Despite its increasing ‘popularity’ in recent years, the prophetic ministry continues to be shrouded in mystery. For example, many people claim to be prophetic, but instead of calling out the beauty in a person, the word released brings shame. There is a need for Christians to be able to identify true prophetic words from those that simply walk in its disguise.

Gary believes that prophetic words are akin to music, while false ones are noise. “Music has beauty, rhythm, harmony, resonance; all these are found within the prophetic,” he describes.

Another way that the prophetic ministry moves is in the area of discernment, which may sometimes come across as judgment. Gary has an interesting way of differentiating the two seemingly hard-to-distinguish facets: discernment can become judgment when there is hurt involved. This means that, when we discern something and it causes us to feel or act differently towards a person, we have crossed the thin line from discernment to passing judgment.

Love Is Where Prophecy Blooms

“This is why love has to become the environment where the gifts of the Spirit are manifested,” Gary emphasises. Indeed, we are called to walk in the fruit of the Spirit, and this gives us a safe place to let the gifts of the spirit edify others, instead of using them to tear others down.

And it was from this place of longing to see the prophetic bloom in all the ways that God meant to be that the School of Prophets (SOP) was born. Gary dreamt of seeing all the negativity linked with the prophetic wiped out by a fresh experience of God’s relentless love and kindness.

“SOP seeks to equip a company of people not only to discover God’s heart, but their own; His voice and also theirs,” Gary summarises. He believes that transformation comes both to the person receiving the prophetic word as well as the one receiving it.

It was in 2016 when SOP was established, its main school being in Melbourne and two satellite sites in Brisbane and Perth. Since then they have also expanded to include an online school, and have over a hundred students.

Gary dreams of a future generation of Kingdom leaders who would learn how to “love well, build well, and bless well.” He hopes to see true discipleship happening as these believers encounter the heart of God.

May we be likewise inspired to do what the apostle Paul recommends to the church in Corinth: “Pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy (1 Corinthians 14:1).”

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Cover Photo: Gary Morgan preaching at ‘Times and Seasons’ Conference, Dubai, March 2018