What God Is Speaking to the Church During COVID-19

Learning and leaning during a global pandemic

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Gary Morgan, with his wife Sarah, is the founder and director of the School of Prophets in Australia. We spoke to Gary to hear his prophetic thoughts on what God is saying through the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is a big question, but what do you feel God is speaking to the church through COVID-19? Is there any message He’s communicating to us?

My big picture answer would be that though we’re in a pandemic, the gospel hasn’t changed. Though we’re in the middle of a pandemic, the mandate of the Kingdom hasn’t changed.

I like to say it like this – if where you are is affecting who you are, then you’ve got a problem. But if who you are is affecting where you are, you’ve got a purpose.

I was in Perth, Australia, on 22nd of March, when the Prime Minister of Australia announced closed borders. So I got onto a plane and flew home, from Perth back to Melbourne. As I’m on the plane, the Lord said to me, “This is going to be a season of learning and not leading. And if you lean into this season, you’re going to learn in this season. If you lean out of the season, you’re not going to lead in the next.”

I feel that there is a bigger picture that God has, an invitation in this season. God spoke to me that this is reformation time. This is a season of reformation. This is a season of learning.

We learn things in this season, so we can lead in the next.

You mentioned “reformation time.” What does that look like practically?

There’s a phrase the Lord echoed in our hearts at the beginning of this year, before COVID-19 broke out around the world. The phrase was “Acts 2 Round 2.”

It came out of this understanding of the “table” and the “temple.” We realized that the Church has been so “temple-fied” that everything we do is around the temple, or the church building. We have such a temple mindset that we’ve missed the power of the table. The Lord wants us to find a balance between the temple, which is the congregation, and the table, which is community.

“It’s coming back to the reality of God’s original purpose and plan, which was always family.

Acts 2:42 says, “They continued daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate food with gladness and simplicity of heart, praising God and finding favor with all people. And God added to the church daily, those who have been saved.” A lot of times people ask me, “Gary, why was God adding to the church daily?”

We see it at the beginning of the verse – it is because daily, they met. So our daily activity, or our daily action, creates a daily reaction from heaven.

What I want to bring out of this first is they met with simplicity. They were praising God and having favor with people. I truly believe the favor that God wants us to have with people is when we find that balance between congregation and community, or temple and table.

I remember, as a child, that one of my eyes became lazy. And so I went to the optician, and he didn’t cover my lazy eye – he covered my strong eye. Likewise, sometimes the Lord will cover your strength, to strengthen your weakness.

We were very strong with the “temple”. Every Sunday morning, we have the church gathering, and we can do it with our eyes closed.

I feel we’re in a situation where the temple has been taken away. And it’s not like the Lord orchestrated it, but He uses it. God doesn’t test us to prove us, He tests us so we know we’ve learned the lesson. The test always comes after the lesson.

What will our lives look like when we learn the lessons God is teaching through COVID-19?

We had just launched the School of Prophets for the year when the restrictions came down and I had to fly back to Melbourne, and our school is about the gifts of the Spirit. As that plane was about to land, I remember the Lord saying to me, “Gary, this is going to be a season of the fruit, not the gifts. It’s going to be a season of developing fruit because the world knows us by our fruit, not our gifts, and His love.”

I realized in that moment, that prophecy wasn’t going to change my family. Healing wasn’t going to change my family. But kindness, patience, and all these different fruit, were going to impact my family in this season.

“We learn things in this season, so we can lead in the next.

I recognized that God didn’t want me to develop the fruit just for others. Sometimes we believe God gives us the fruit of the Spirit so we can manage other people. But I realized God was giving me the fruit to manage myself. It was important in this season to be kind to myself, patient with myself, loving to myself.

In a roundabout way, I truly believe that this is a season of God. A season where we have the opportunity to ask the questions – what can we learn? What are you teaching us? It is a season to draw from scripture, because most of Paul’s writings were done under house arrest. And it is a season of developing the fruit of the Spirit so we stay in tune with what God is doing, that our lives will learn to beat with the rhythm of Heaven.

What would you say God is speaking to the world through COVID-19? You’ve shared your thoughts on the Church, what do you think God is trying to accomplish in the world during this time?

I think it’s coming back to the reality of God’s original purpose and plan, which was always family. It was never an institution. From the beginning, it was always about home.

We’ve used this phrase for so many years, “The next revival is going to be family. The next revival is going to begin in the home.”

Gary and Sarah with their children, Melbourne, Australia, 2020


And sometimes you wonder – how will that ever happen? How do we get people back, between their nine to five jobs, the night shift, and everyone being out of the home all of the time?

Then all of a sudden, this pandemic hit, and all of a sudden, everyone is home. God is speaking to the world that the power of community is the power of connectedness. You don’t realize you miss something unless you go without it.

There’s so much turmoil in the world right now, even apart from COVID-19. How should we, as Christ followers, process this overwhelming chaos?

The word “anchor” has been something that’s continually popped up in a prophetic narrative for me this whole year. Where do we anchor our trust? It’s not just trust when you know things are going right. It’s where is our trust when everything goes wrong?

Is my anchor my job? Is my anchor my finances? Is my anchor my identity, or always in my family? Is it what I do, or who I am? I like saying it like this – we’re human beings, we’re not human doings. When the doing stops, who are you?

When life stopped all of a sudden, it turned the focus to, “Who are we? Who am I?”

God gifted me as a prophet. God’s given me giftings. But I realized it brought it all down to me. I’m a husband, I’m a dad, I’m a friend. People ask me, “What do you do?” That’s a question I get all the time. And I just don’t know the answer.

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a prophetic word to a friend of mine, “I truly believe you’re just a faithful friend.” And as I shared that with my friend, it rebounded to me. If I could be known as anything, it’s a faithful friend.

Your true self comes out in pressure. In this pandemic, everything is really being stripped back to this place of who we really are in this season and knowing where we have anchored our trust.

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