Never Settle for Less

Graham Cooke, founder of Brilliant Perspectives, shares with us his passion on empowering people to walk in their God-given identity and how we can build a culture of clarity in this seemingly confusing world.

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Do you believe everyone is unique?

God is unique! If we are being made in His image and likeness, then the way we view ourselves must reflect who He is for us, to us, in us, and through us.

I love the way that God sees me. It has become a key part in my relationship with Him. Being alive to God makes us all unique.

How can one gain insight into his or her life calling?

Ask God for specific scriptures that can be part of your life’s journey. Ask Him for dreams and visions about who you are and what you will do. If/when you receive prophetic words, study them all. Some words, dreams and so on are ‘new’ words at the beginning. They may not make sense at the time they are given because they are future words.

However, the process in the present is to ask the question: “What kind of man/woman must I become in relationship with God in order to be ready when the time comes for fulfilment and fruition?”

“Being in Christ, living in the new man, creates a lens, mindset and language that empower us to experience life from a new dimension. We get better answers because we ask better questions.”

The key is this: when your character rises up to the level that God requires for your destiny to unfold, it will trigger God’s permission for you to experience your calling. The promise of calling and gifting should be the catalyst for empowering character. The development of God’s image and likeness creates authority and the authenticity for the anointing to be received.

How do you find clarity when you are at a crossroads?

I love crossroads. They are an invitation to a deeper conversation. It is God’s way of saying: “Slow down, pause, and let’s talk about the next step.” It is not about questioning our calling, but more about understanding the next upgrade and elevation in the plan and purpose of God. He gives us enough revelation to get going and along the way we learn to make adjustments to our identity in Him and His passion through us. A crossroads is an exciting place of reinvention.

I set time aside to joyfully explore that He is for me. I explore any previous prophetic words, dreams, visions and scriptures I have received. I have a file full of insights, words and so on that describe the potential for new directions. I sift through them prayerfully, allowing the Holy Spirit to highlight areas for further conversation.

I have a series of relevant questions that I have used in my mentoring classes on Brilliant TV. There are 20 that I have used that empower me to stay current with Him regardless of circumstances and events.

Graham Cooke ministering at ‘Expectation’ Conference, Anaheim, California, USA, October 2017.

Why is it important to upgrade our perspective?

I love the mind of Christ. I cannot even articulate the pleasure I feel at learning to think like Jesus. It really involves making war on all your negativity in relation to thinking, emotions, and language. It is great fun to put yourself on pause until you can have a better thought, or change your emotion from anger to patience and make sure that your language is one of love, kindness, grace and trust. My two favourite series, both available at, are The Art of Thinking Brilliantly and Mind of a Saint. Both are designed to constantly upgrade our thinking, perspective and language in the Kingdom.

How do you differentiate wisdom from revelation?

Wisdom is the understanding of the ways of God. Knowing how He sees things, thinks about everything, learning how He speaks to people and why, having a solid grasp of how God will act in the furthering of both our development in Jesus, and our place in the Kingdom.

“I do not apply wisdom to my life. Wisdom is the Holy Spirit and also one of His gifts. He is the Spirit of wisdom and revelation; therefore He applies life to me in all circumstances!”

Revelation is a stunning insight into the ‘now’ of life events. It can manifest in the prophetic, words of knowledge, dreams and visions. It creates space for God to intervene. It puts truth together in a way that elevates people into a higher place or relationship with God, and releases a power to overcome and receive freedom at all levels of practising God’s majesty and presence.

What would you say to the next generation?

One of my favourite words in the Bible is “nevertheless”. Never settle for less.

Love the learning. Get a new lens, a new mindset and, for goodness sake, a new language. Love the new man, and ditch the old one. Stop being religious. Never be a legalist. Learn life as a much-loved child, and learn how to be fully mature as an adult who is massively loved by Jesus.

Find your identity in Christ. Become an explorer in the Kingdom. Develop into a pioneer in both church and society. Be a warrior who will fight and overcome. Be a champion that has a cause that will make a difference to all of humanity, not just the church. Become a game changer that brings transformation, innovation and provocation to a world and a people group that has settled for less.


This article has been adapted from Champions 2018.