A Day in the Life of Heidi Baker

Christian missionary, author, itinerant speaker who has spoken in 98 countries and 50 states, and the CEO of Christian humanitarian organisation Iris Global, Heidi Baker is the epitome of a multi-hyphenate individual.

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Heidi’s purpose-filled life is full of inspiring stories, holding within them precious nuggets of wisdom that will stir your hearts, and guide you as you embark on your own spiritual journey. In this article, Heidi Baker gives us a snapshot into a day in her life.

A typical day

I spent the day in Pemba, Northern Mozambique, with the Lord in His presence, praying in the Word, and praying in the Spirit. I answered text messages, made eggs for the children who had a slumber party the night before, conducted devotions with the kids, listened to their dreams, worshipped, and taught our cross-cultural communications class in the Village of Joy.

Then I was off to the village to spend several hours visiting my neighbours, praying with the sick, loving on the poor and stopping for the one.

I connected with village friends and saw God move as I taught cross-cultural communication class. I held widows in my arms and saw them feel the comfort of Jesus. I listened, led villagers into a personal relationship with Jesus, and comforted and dialogued with some of our concerned youth who are being reintegrated.

Outreach in Pemba, Mozambique

Next, I headed back to my office for our discipleship meeting where we spent several hours praying, dialoguing, and studying with our 15 main church leaders. We pulled out the map of Northern Mozambique with our outreach team and decided where to take our three weekly outreaches.

While they continued, I met with our Senior Base Leaders (my dream team of seven). I went over finance reports, critical emails and edited annual reports for several departments. I then taught and dialogued with our main church leaders, connected with my Senior Leaders, and encouraged others.

Afterwards I hugged some children on the way out to my truck around 9pm.

Then I spent time with my husband Rolland, made final international calls, more text messages, and finally, sleep.

Heidi’s love for Jesus and people is infectious. Driven by her faith, she is calling for a tribe of believers who will join her in dedicating their lives to outreach and evangelism.

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