Creating a New Family Table in Boston

The Church should be a place of supernatural relationships

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Julian and Katia Adams are the Senior Pastors and Founders of The Table Boston, a new church plant that is launching in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

You can learn more about their backstory in part one of our conversation.  

How did God give you both the vision to start The Table Boston?

Katia: We are so excited about The Table Boston. First off, in some ways, this has been a long time coming. In our teenage years, God spoke to both Julian and me about the United States. For me specifically, that was wrapped up with church planting. I felt like there was something of what God had put in me, that He wanted to reproduce in churches in the States. I just had such a desire for planting a church here.

Just before we got married, God led me to participate in a church plant, and He told me that He was doing that because he wanted to train me up in church planting. It was really clear, even before we got together, that God had made me for church planting, that He was training me and putting in me the skills and the tools that would be necessary for that in the future.

When we got married and God started speaking to us about the States, it didn’t come as a surprise. We had a real sense of anticipation and faith of what that might look like. But initially, we had no idea where in the US we would go. And the US is a pretty big place. We asked God, “What is your heart? Where exactly are you taking us?”

Julian: I think when Katia and I came together in marriage, all of the golden promises around church planting came alive in us. The call that we feel really for The Table Boston is to do what the church has been doing for thousands of years since Jesus – establishing communities of His Spirit, empowering transformation of cities, cultures, and communities, and seeing the Kingdom of God come in every sphere.

Out of all the places in the United States you could have gone to, how did God specifically lead you to Boston?

Katia: It’s a pretty amazing story how God did it, actually. Before God specifically pinpointed this area, we started just dreaming together and thinking about what we would most like. And honestly, I had no anticipation that God would pay attention to any of our conversations – we were just having fun.

“We feel that God loves patterns. And He’s not done with using Boston. He’s going to be using it to provoke the rest of the States into the purposes of God.” – Katia Adams

One of the things that I kept saying is that I was really dreaming of living in a “walking city”. I grew up in London, so I love cities where you could just walk around and explore. We put together a list of cities in the States that we felt were like “walking cities.” And one of those cities was Boston. Neither of us had actually ever been to Boston, but we’d heard from friends that you could walk around the city.

Then four years ago, we were at a conference, and out of the blue someone came to me and said, “I see the word ‘Boston’ over your head.” The friend started prophesying incredibly specific things about what God was going to do. The prophecy covered what ministry He was going to lead us into, the property that He wants to bless us with, and all of these things. The Lord mapped out a very detailed picture for us.

Right after the meeting we went home and googled Boston, because we really knew nothing about the city. And the first thing that came up on Google was the Boston Tourism Board page, and it said at the top, “Welcome to Boston, the Walking City of America.” It was this beautiful moment of feeling so seen by God, even to the tiniest detail – what was completely unimportant to us is important to Him. It was just beautiful.

In the last few years, we’ve received multiple prophetic words all specifying Boston. We’ve had some really powerful words about God bringing awakening and Kingdom revolution, in the most peaceful way, to that city and across the nation.

One of the words that we received was from a man we’d never met before, and he saw me dressed as a man named Paul Revere. Revere was a powerful figure in the American Revolution – he was based in Boston and his message of freedom and liberty spread across the East Coast.

Boston is such an integral city for the USA. So many things have started in Boston that have impacted the nation. And we feel that God loves patterns. And He’s not done with using Boston. He’s going to be using it to provoke the rest of the States into the purposes of God.

We have this expectation that God is bringing us to Boston to join what He’s already doing there. There’s been peaceful prayer sown into that city by lots of wonderful Christians, already working there. But He’s bringing us there to increase the momentum of what is already started, and to wake up the city to the goodness of God and His Kingdom at hand.

You have been in the States for over a year, but just recently completed your move to Boston. Do you have a launch day or a building yet?

Katia: We definitely have some ideas, but we’re doing it all by faith. We don’t have a building. We don’t even have a home yet. Every step of this journey has been taking the step that we feel God is leading us to, and then watching Him almost create the ground before our foot actually lands. That’s what we feel Him doing now.

Julian and Katia with their children, Ezekiel and Evangeline, California, USA, 2019


There’s a number of people who are starting to gather around the vision now, which is really exciting. About 20 of us will be moving to Boston from California, and that includes children.

Since we have launched our website for The Table Boston, we have had a number of people who connected through the website and said they would like to be part of it. I think the community that we will plant with looks like it will be around 25 people. This a sign to us, that God is in this and that we couldn’t do that ourselves. He’s being faithful to his promises to us.

As of now, our vision for the first year is to meet in our home. And so we’re trusting God for a big enough house that would be able to house meetings for 30 to 40 people.

“That’s our heart for The Table, a radically Word and Spirit-filled church. We would grapple with Scripture very deeply but we would also experience the Holy Spirit’s power very deeply.” – Katia Adams

We really want to focus this year on massaging culture into our church planting community. We’ll spend a lot of time in the presence of God together, coming alive and being set with the same church DNA, the same family DNA.

The aim would be that we would launch public meetings in a more official way in January 2021, with the goal to have 40 people whose hearts are beating with the same DNA, so we can take the city by storm with that common culture.

There are many churches in Boston and of course throughout the United States – many church plants as well. What do you feel will be unique about The Table?

Katia: One of the things that Julian and I feel like we carry is an equal and very radical pursuit of both the Word and the Spirit.

One of my favorite verses is in Matthew, where Jesus is speaking to the Sadduccees. They’re trying to test him with irrelevant questions. Jesus tells them, “You’re wrong, because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God.”

That verse has gripped me for a long time, because I really feel that God is calling His people to be a people who know the Scriptures inside out, who grapple with theology, and who are engaging their brains in how we think about God and Scriptures.

But He is also calling His people to be radical in power, to be filled with the Person of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we talk about churches that are Word churches or Spirit churches, as if they were opposite ends of the spectrum. But they should always be united and married because the Holy Spirit is the One who wrote the Word.

God is calling us to be a people who are extreme in the Word and extreme in the Spirit. That’s our heart for The Table, a radically Word and Spirit-filled church. We would grapple with Scripture very deeply but we would also experience the Holy Spirit’s power very deeply.

Julian: One of the things that Katia and I feel called to is to shape mind-molders and influencers in society. We believe the gospel is intellectually satisfying and challenging, as well as experientially fulfilling.

Julian ministering at Vineyard Columbus Church, Ohio, USA, 2019


Part of what we’re aiming to do is to host a space where we can mentor entrepreneurs, creatives, and influencers in a co-working space. We would spend time in the morning mentoring, shaping, and giving a kingdom worldview to those people, for the sake of bringing God’s kingdom to the city. We’re super excited about infusing a high level of Kingdom worldview into the community.

Our value would be that Sunday services are the celebration point, not the main point, of how we live our life in the city. Every day of the week, we would go about in a way that redeems and brings the kingdom of God to the city.

On your website, I saw this phrase for your church, “The strategy is family”. Can you elaborate on what that means?

Katia: We believe that the Kingdom looks like family. When you see how the Trinity operates, and how Jesus operates with His disciples, all the moments of life were united in the reality of the Kingdom coming.

When we think about The Table, we think about a family of passionate believers coming together, where we understand that we’re brothers and sisters. That’s why we are naming the church “The Table.” Everyone’s contribution is important and needed for the family we would lead.

We see this community, where we would feast supernaturally in the fullness of God, but also eat naturally with each other. We will break bread together in the context of celebration, rather than as a religious act.

The Table will have the value of generosity. As a family, we give of our time, and we give of ourselves. Families are real with one another and cover each other’s weaknesses.

The presence of the Father will be the family’s centerpiece. Creating family is what we are called to do.

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