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The Bible is very clear - we are to go into all the earth. The privilege that Singapore has is that all the earth is already inside our nation! We can do missions right at our doorstep. We are called to

I really believe this is something on God’s heart, for the children to come to Him. It’s a very key window in the life of young people to bring the Gospel to them. The problem is that when you discuss this

"Spiritually, the impact of Covid-19 has yet to play itself out fully because it is only when all restrictions are lifted that we will know if all our members are willing to return back to church.  In summary, I would

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"I tried lots of ways to share the Gospel with others — a lot of trial and error, and perhaps more error than success. Then we found The Alpha Course, a course designed for those in the Church to grow

"The Bible tells us, “whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31). Men have created a false, unbiblical separation of what is sacred and secular, and what is worship and outreach. We are not

"This generation grew up hungrier for justice — demanding that of their churches. We have also seen a lot of movements, big organizations like International Justice Mission, World Vision, celebrities like Bono and the One Campaign. We had a lot

"I still believe in miracles, and we continue to see many, but I believe that we must also be honest about ‘unmiracles’ — and the pain of life. I find that the Bible is way more honest about unanswered prayer

"Being a leader means serving others, lifting others, and believing in others. The operative word is others. Leadership equals responsibility. A leader takes on the stewardship for a number of things. Some of them include: human, financial, spiritual, and natural resources.

"To me, looking at the New Testament in its historical and spiritual context of Judaism is one of the most powerful tools for enriching our spiritual lives. It’s the difference between settling for half an inheritance and walking in your