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"God wants to work in you and work through you. That’s why you’re still here and not in heaven already. You have come into the kingdom for such a time as this. What they don’t teach you in school is

When someone starts a journey with God, one of the biggest prayers is, “Here I am, God, use me for Your kingdom.” That prayer has a really deep meaning; sometimes God is asking you do things that you think you

Cassandra and Edison Lee, the co-founders of Justice Rising, are sharing the love of Jesus with soldiers and warlords in the Congo, one of the most war-torn nations on earth.

What does a conservative, attention-shy teenager have in common with a headstrong leader of a multi-site church? Mark Varughese, founder of Kingdomcity shares how pursuing a risky lifestyle is just a God-adventure to a son.

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Armed with that message, he went to the coach, who was clearly very nervous. He had never won a Super Rugby championship before. “God said to me this morning that the momentum God has started, no man will stop,” Tevita

Nicky Gumbel: "It seemed so impossible that it could not happen, and we feared it would incite ridicule if we even mentioned it."

"If we’re not showing the love of Jesus, we’re wasting our time. Our apologetics has to be cross-centered, it also has to be cross-shaped. We’re not here to win an argument, we’re here to win hearts for Jesus."