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But things will also change for the church, possibly for the better. It’s almost as if the church is being stripped of all the peripherals and left with what’s essential. When you can’t have lights and sounds and a huge

This virus is terrible. It's bad, really bad. When my daughter got cancer, that was bad. And we can't think that these things come from God. We can't blame God for all these problems, because the Bible says only good

But another key thing is this – to remember the orphan’s story is my story! I once was orphaned, abandoned, and neglected, and God initiated the most excruciatingly painful process of adoption by giving His only Son for me –

God and I share the same headspace. He has shared with me His mind, so most of the time His thoughts are just downloaded into my mind and I hear dialogues directly from Him. Impressions, downloads, thought waves, His inner

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Missionaries are known for being very vision-driven: after all, they leave their home country and everything familiar, following a clear call to make a difference in a foreign land. For American missionary Nate Shuck, moving to the Philippines to serve the

Normandy and Aileen Notes are rescuing drug addicts during the war on drugs in the Philippines.

The text message Tevita received while on that bridge, “Jesus loves you. He will never leave you.  Receive His love”, was God’s method of saving and healing him. Despite the simplicity of the message, it cut to his heart and