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"The reality is that living the Gospel is risky and requires faith. Compared to what some ministers are doing, I don’t think our choices have been very risky, but I feel we do have to help whoever we can. If

"Treasure this time and make your kids feel treasured. It’s not your children’s fault that they’re stuck at home and can’t go to school. It can be dangerous, because we are also selfish and sometimes we make our kids feel like

"To bring that connection across with him is more important to me than to achieve big goals. It’s more of me just explaining and processing with them and really encouraging them because they're dealing with a lot of change in a

But things will also change for the church, possibly for the better. It’s almost as if the church is being stripped of all the peripherals and left with what’s essential. When you can’t have lights and sounds and a huge

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"It was a straightforward answer and decision - I want to be at the frontline. First, as a disciple of Jesus, how could I not be where the greatest needs are? Jesus Himself came to this world of mess and warfare

"The Church has always been a representation of Jesus to those who don’t know him yet. The community learns what God is like through us. God is not fearful or distant, and neither should we be! This pandemic is a

Kingdomcity has more than 30,000 people in their global community of churches in 16 cities and 11 different countries. Read how they went from one small church in Kuala Lumpur to one of the fastest growing multi-site churches in the