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Cassandra and Edison Lee, the co-founders of Justice Rising, are building schools in the Congo, one of the most war-torn nations on earth.

You can't preach the Gospel to an empty stomach. The Gospel is more than spiritual truth - you have to meet people at their point of need.

Normandy and Aileen Notes are rescuing drug addicts during the war on drugs in the Philippines.

Joy Chua, advocate for families, shares about her fostering journey and how God is using Kingdom families to show love to His children.

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Leo Bigger, Gary Morgan and Dutch Sheets dive into God's destiny for our lives and how we can access it.

Tim Keller: "It is very important that we do not spend time bashing and criticizing other kinds of churches."

James Mallon: “What if the sleeping giant that is the Catholic Church actually woke up and embraced its true identity?“

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