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"We believe that the Kingdom looks like family. When you see how the Trinity operates, and how Jesus operates with His disciples, all the moments of life were united in the reality of the Kingdom coming. When we think about The

"I think it is a lack of understanding of what it means to be adopted into the family of God, and a clear revelation of the goodness of God as a Father. I think most people in the Church and in

"It was a straightforward answer and decision - I want to be at the frontline. First, as a disciple of Jesus, how could I not be where the greatest needs are? Jesus Himself came to this world of mess and warfare

With all this extra time, a buffet of things have exploded to grab our attention; numerous websites have offered their videos, e-books, online courses and other attractions for free, to help ease the burden of too much time stuck in

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Shawn Bolz reveals the master key to accessing the mysteries of God and shares his personal vision for the future.

Tim Keller: "It is very important that we do not spend time bashing and criticizing other kinds of churches."

"Isn’t the gospel wholistic in its life-changing power? We should change the families from the inside out so that they begin to thrive and not just survive.”