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How does prophecy help us discover our unique potential and confirm our specific God-destinies? Gary Morgan, founder of School of Prophets in Australia, answers our questions and shares his own personal story on how God showed him his destiny.

Max Jeganathan, apologetic evangelist with RZIM tells us how he stays focused, maintaining a posture of love and humility amidst busyness with the help of the Holy Spirit and his spiritual mentors.

Ever wondered where The Alpha Course came from and how it grew into the renowned resource it is today? Tricia Neill shares the journey of taking Alpha from the UK and bringing it to the rest of the world. If

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Mark Varughese: “Expanding selfishly is ‘empire’. Expanding selflessly is ‘Kingdom'.”

Heidi Baker: "I answered text messages, made eggs for the children who had a slumber party the night before, conducted devotions with the kids, listened to their dreams, worshipped, and taught our cross-cultural communications class in the Village of Joy."

As the leader of the fastest growing church in Cambodia, Jesse McCaul has been at the heart of Christian outreach work in the country for the past two decades.