An Interview with Reinhard Bonnke: Part 2

The evangelist extraordinaire shares the story that most people ask him to tell, and his dreams for the next generation.

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Is there a story that people often ask you to tell?

As a young man I graduated from Bible College in Wales and was ready to return home to Germany. Passing through London, I wanted to do some sightseeing. Because I could not join an organised tour due to a lack of money, I bought a day ticket for all the public buses in London.

I crisscrossed London, changing buses, and thought I needed to stretch my legs. I walked into a beautiful suburb when suddenly I had a shock. I saw a nameplate on a house with the name ‘George Jeffreys’. I had read his books. He was the man who had brought the Gospel of signs and wonders to the British Isles.

I rang the bell and a lady opened. I asked: “Is the George Jeffreys living here the mighty revival evangelist?” “Yes,” she said. “May I please see him?” “No,” she replied. Suddenly I heard a man’s voice in the background. “Let him come in,” he said.

I saw him come down the staircase, dressed as if he had an appointment with the Queen. I introduced myself; he said nothing. He laid his hand on my shoulder, pulled me down onto the carpet with him and started to bless me.

The presence and glory of God struck me. When I left half an hour later, I was staggering back to thebus stop saying: “Lord, how did I chance upon this address?” The Lord replied: “The Holy Spirit was your bus driver.” I realised I had caught a mantle because four weeks later, George Jeffreys passed away.

What is your style of leadership?

Jesus said: “My sheep hear my voice”, and I literally do. As Mary said at the wedding at Cana: “Whatever He says, do it.” This is how I lead my team.

How do you balance work and rest?

I am 76 years old. CfaN has won more than 76 million souls for Jesus. And yet, my family is equally important to me. The result? My whole household serves the Lord. Jesus helps me to balance it well.

“The Gospel is not reformation, decoration or renovation. It is liberation.”

What is the biggest challenge facing the Church today?

To keep course with the original Gospel. If we preach the original Gospel, we will have the original results.

Has the rise of digital media impacted CfaN and you in any way?

Nine years ago, I discovered Facebook. God spoke to me: “Feed my sheep.” Since then, I have done it every day and I now have a congregation of 5.5 million worldwide. The responses are overwhelming and the blessings are flowing. CfaN uses Web 2.0 extensively with wonderful results.

What is your dream for the next generation?

Old age does not neutralise the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Statisticians cannot cancel God’s call. God does not treat pensioners as a spent force, not while He empowers them. “Old men shall dream dreams.” Divine dreams are a concrete reality. Yet, the young people will rise to see things we have never seen. Why? Because nothing diminishes in God.

How can they participate in your mission and build upon your revelations?

This is very dear to me. There are millions of young Christians all over the world who desire God’s fire. I have prepared for that with books and films such as Evangelism by Fire and the Full Flame Film Series. I wish I could dish millions of them out free of charge. It would set the world ablaze.

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