Prophecy Reveals the Love of God

Shawn Bolz - a spiritual adviser, producer, media personality, minister and prophet - was asked to release an impartation of hearing God's voice (prophetic ministry) at Azusa Now, 2016.

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Shawn models hearing God’s voice so that people would have higher expectations for what God can do in their own lives. He accurately prophesied over a number of people at the event and shared a few of his testimonies with us. We wanted to make sure you heard them too.

Montel and Ginger

“I called out Montel and Ginger because I heard their names from Jesus. Montel was there but his wife, Ginger, did not make it to Azusa Now. I shared their anniversary date by revelation and a scripture out of Hebrews 11:7-9 (11-7 is their anniversary). Then I heard God’s heart about where they met. Even some of the dates they had been on and how they had met working in the music industry. I prophesied about Montel being a hip-hop artist, and that God wanted to use him as his greatest days were still ahead of him in the industry. I also shared how he had adopted Ginger’s son and that her son also had music on his life.

Montel was completely in awe of God and knew that God was speaking to him. However, he and his wife Ginger had been in a season of conflict before Azusa Now. She refused to join him at the event as they were in a very hard place in their marriage. They were also both struggling in their careers in the music industry.

One of the main things I said in my prophecy is that ‘God is saying to you guys that you made a great choice, you made the right choice to choose each other.’ God affirmed this word when I told them their anniversary date. I had no fore-knowledge of any of this information of course, and the fact that they had been at such a critical place in their marriage, and that God was addressing it with so much love changed Montel forever. It put him in a place where he had big choices to make but he had the courage of a loving God behind those choices.”

“Prophecy is an amazing tool to recalibrate us to live our God intended life.”

“Montel wrote to our ministry and told us the crisis that they had been in as a family and how everything changed in one day. They were able to choose love and have full faith for their careers. It has taken hard work but everything is turned around for them. They even made a video on YouTube to share the impact the word had on their lives, including sharing personal details about how hard their marriage had been.

They now know through the prophecy that everything God was already telling them was true, and that their marriage was worth fighting for. That God had put their family together.”

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