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The Bible is very clear - we are to go into all the earth. The privilege that Singapore has is that all the earth is already inside our nation! We can do missions right at our doorstep. We are called to

"The Church has always been a representation of Jesus to those who don’t know him yet. The community learns what God is like through us. God is not fearful or distant, and neither should we be! This pandemic is a

"Treasure this time and make your kids feel treasured. It’s not your children’s fault that they’re stuck at home and can’t go to school. It can be dangerous, because we are also selfish and sometimes we make our kids feel like

"To bring that connection across with him is more important to me than to achieve big goals. It’s more of me just explaining and processing with them and really encouraging them because they're dealing with a lot of change in a

With all this extra time, a buffet of things have exploded to grab our attention; numerous websites have offered their videos, e-books, online courses and other attractions for free, to help ease the burden of too much time stuck in

I believe we ought to fill our hearts with faith, hope, and love, the three virtues that will abide forever. Then, out of the abundance of our hearts, we will speak these same virtues to the world. This is a