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God told me, “Chip, I want you to be a catalyst to transform how America thinks about God, how pastors think about preaching, how churches think about the community, and how everyday believers live out their faith at home and

"Spiritually, the impact of Covid-19 has yet to play itself out fully because it is only when all restrictions are lifted that we will know if all our members are willing to return back to church.  In summary, I would

"I think failure is something we live and breathe every day.If we talk about social innovation, it is really about things that have never really been done before. It's akin to navigating and drawing a map in a dark room.So

"But for us, social innovation is a process, where we create new expressions of serving one another. Whether the expression is in the format of an engineering solution or something else, it ultimately seeks to serve. We view social innovation

"Eventually, I realized that one of these two things had to give. Otherwise, I was just going to run myself into the ground. I was kind of praying, doing that typical prayer, “Should I be a pastor? Should I be

"I'm pretty radical, when it comes to thinking about the church’s role in adoption and orphans. I honestly believe that if we understood our role in adoption and foster care, we’d be able to empty all of the childcare facilities