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"Eventually, I realized that one of these two things had to give. Otherwise, I was just going to run myself into the ground. I was kind of praying, doing that typical prayer, “Should I be a pastor? Should I be

"I'm pretty radical, when it comes to thinking about the church’s role in adoption and orphans. I honestly believe that if we understood our role in adoption and foster care, we’d be able to empty all of the childcare facilities

"Not only am I broken, the very fabric of creation has also been marred by the reality of sin and justice. Thus, the message of the Gospel is not just about going to heaven when I die but it's about

"God started to give us a burden for the people. We started to sense it. It took me many years to accept that this is really the city that God has called me to, but now I tell people I’m

"Jesus’s model of discipleship is relational discipleship.  This can only happen when we are living in community with one another and when the local church becomes a biblically functioning community. A certain level of relationship building can be done online but

"If we want our people to come back to the onsite church, then there must be things about the onsite church that are attractive, that can’t be duplicated online. So that means our welcome must be truly strong. The worship must